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  • African Trade Beads Intro

    African Trade Beads were made in Europe from around 1400s to early 1900s 

    and used in trade between Europe and Africa. 

    Trade beads were exchanged by Europeans for palm oil, ivory, gold, and people.

    Africans used the trade beads as status symbols, personal adornment and 

    divination amongst other things.

    Most African trade beads were made in Venice, though a good number of trade

    beads were made in the Netherlands, Bohemia and Germany.

    Venetian trade beads were mostly wound glass beads, drawn glass beads and

    lampwork-wound glass beads. While Bohemian trade beads were mostly pressed 

    glass beads, moulded glass beads, and faceted glass beads.

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    1 from left Venetian drawn glass african trade beads. View beads > bit.ly/Xw7EwU

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    4 Venetian lampwork wound glass african trade beads.

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